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Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

I also ran the welwyn 10k today. It was quite warm and muggy, and I did not particularly relish the two hills (especially “the stinger” at 9k, which seemed rather cruel and drained whatever dregs of energy I had left by that point!) Hills aside, it was a nice scenic course and an enjoyable race, and I was pleased to finish in 52:24. As the only female squirrel there, I guess I was also the first lady home for NHRR (this is probably the only time i’m going to be able to claim that!)

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Hi Paula

I know most of the details are on another thread but could you please include the midweek league in the report this week.

Another fantastic turnout of squirrels down at Chingford. It’s a fair way to travel after work for most of us and getting home after navigating road closures around Essex made it a long night but the commitment of everyone there was 1st class.

The men’s team have won all 3 rounds and currently hold maximum points going into the last round.

I know from conversations I’ve had there’s a real desire to finish the job in style taking the win at Trent Park and winning the men’s and overall titles at the same time.

Seeing 8 squirrels in the top 13 showed how dominant we have been at the sharp end with Tom Webb taking a well deserved win.

Many thanks


Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

I would like to add my bit about the Welwyn 10k. The hill at the 9k point called the STINGER. This sapped all the energy I had left and my walking didn't help.

Congratulations to Andrew Porter on winning 3rd place in V70 and also 3rd place in the Herts County. Also Nick Malpeli on winning 2nd V50 and 2nd V50 Herts County


Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Well done Welwyn 10k ers
Caroline thrussell. I did Hitchin hot and hilly hard half today. It was hot and hilly,and took me ages to recover but did get a course Pb. 1:46:55. And we did have a lovely time at the pub afterwards 😀

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Hi Paula,

To echo Stuart's comment - would be good to make sure MWL gets good coverage this week, considering the scale of the club turnout and our overall winning position.

I'll send a couple of photos taken by Orion as potential pictures to use too.


Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

I ran the second race of the Silkstone shuffle series, finishing 5th in 31:04.

I ran the first one in March and it revealed how out of shape I was, it was a massive kick up the rear for me. So after getting back to some running, I was keen to see how I was getting on...

Thanks to NHRR training, I was pleased to see that I have made significant progress. I finished almost 4 mins quicker than last race. Considering it’s only 4.6 miles, this is quite a bit. I was also capable of racing people again. I could respond to people coming past me. Rather than just ignoring everyone else and doing my best to reach the end, like last time. I was under pressure in the last mile, he was right on my back in the penultimate stile - but beat the guy by 12 seconds in the end with a sprint finish.

There was a couple of fields with knee high grass to get through too, being 5th at the time, it was up to us at the front to make a path for everyone else, so I had some great practice at my high knees drills. I can now do them for a good 500m, and then accelerate off the end. With the added bonus of jumping a stile in between. Tuesdays drills is 500m of high knees, jump a stile, then into acceleration... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With quite a few people not running both races, I have now progressed to 7th in the series. However, I am only 1s from 6th. So I have my eyes on top 5. Hopefully I can use this race as a bench mark for how my summer training progresses.

Thanks to my training partners and the coaches. #TeamNHRR.

Next race in September... #WatchThisSpace #BELIEVE

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

I ran Hitchin Hard Half this morning - there was a good Squirrel turnout for this. I was very pleased to finish in 1:58:55 - my best time on this course since the first time I ran it in 2013 and first time I've run it in under 2 hours since then as well! I always enjoy this one, despite the challenging hills, and it is often quite warm - today was no exception. It was great to have so much support out on the course, Phil kept popping up on his bike to give encouragement, Lorna similarly popped up in several places to cheer, as did Brian J, Michelle S and Jo and Katie passed us on their bikes shouting encouragement as well. In fact, at one point a lady I was running beside said she was going to stay with me and pretend her name was Linda so she could enjoy the support as well!!:laughing:

Results for the half, as far as I could find them (chip times), as follows:

Natalie Lawrence 1:27:13 - FIRST LADY!
Brent Lloyd 1:38:32
James Dalton 1:42:22
Caroline Thrussell 1:46:49
Rachel Arnott 01:49:28
Dan Martin 1:51:36
Steven Peel 1:58:34
Linda Aird 1:58:55
Adam Wilson 1:59:17
Lucy O'Connor 2:02:56
Alice Noakes 2:12:33
Alan Hazlehurst 2:16:57
Vanessa Rolfe 2:34:10

Could only find two results for the 10k:
Helen Cromack 1:09:49
Anna Greetham 1:09:52

Apologies to anyone I have missed!

Several people took photos, so I hope they will send them to you, Paula.

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Well its been a quiet few days for me with Mid week league on Thursday I then found myself pressganged into running a leg of the Greensands Ridge Relay on Saturday and was given the long 9 mile leg to do (thanks Jo Harbon and Phil Hunt your both saying its the others fault :smiley: ) which after a slight detour and my inability to run in a straight line ended up as 10 miles which was very hot and very hilly, so reasonably happy with 1:35:15. it was a great event and great fun and encouragement from fellow Squirrels.
So that's enough....oh no I'd also entered Hitchin Hard Half Marathon on Sunday which I finished in 2:16:57 a bit slower than I would normally hope for but again very hot and hilly and just a little bit tired and thanks again for all the support all the way round and as Caroline says a nice few cold beers afterwards.

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Hitchin hard half for me 1:46:37...such fun!

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Sorry I missed you off the results, Chris - I was sure there was at least one person missing but I couldn't remember who else ran it! When I looked the results up by club, you didn't appear for some mysterious reason .....