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Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Well its been a quiet few days for me with Mid week league on Thursday I then found myself pressganged into running a leg of the Greensands Ridge Relay on Saturday and was given the long 9 mile leg to do (thanks Jo Harbon and Phil Hunt your both saying its the others fault :smiley: ) which after a slight detour and my inability to run in a straight line ended up as 10 miles which was very hot and very hilly, so reasonably happy with 1:35:15. it was a great event and great fun and encouragement from fellow Squirrels.
So that's enough....oh no I'd also entered Hitchin Hard Half Marathon on Sunday which I finished in 2:16:57 a bit slower than I would normally hope for but again very hot and hilly and just a little bit tired and thanks again for all the support all the way round and as Caroline says a nice few cold beers afterwards.

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Hitchin hard half for me 1:46:37...such fun!

Re: Press report for week ending 23rd June

Sorry I missed you off the results, Chris - I was sure there was at least one person missing but I couldn't remember who else ran it! When I looked the results up by club, you didn't appear for some mysterious reason .....