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Re: NHRR stall at FitFest ?

Hi Ed - I would be interested in doing something for this, depending on what it involves. I'm also a bit wary about committing myself to much at the moment as I am in the process of trying to get long-term care in place for my Dad, but hopefully by then it may all be more settled.

Does it involve moving/erecting gazebos etc.? If so, I definitely couldn't do it without assistance! If not, and assuming we could get a team of helpers together, I don't mind giving it a go.

Re: NHRR stall at FitFest ?

Hi Linda,

I'm afraid I don't know much about it, but I assume it does involve a gazebo, and would need more than one person to be involved. I think in the past, there has been a group of people doing it. If anyone else is keen, please let Linda or I know!


Re: NHRR stall at FitFest ?


I think the gazebo is supplied by the Hitchin BID people