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Training Tuesday 2nd July

With the final MWL league race this Thursday at Trent Park, the FSoTM 5km on Saturday, the Hitchin triathlon and other races on Sunday and the mob match including the MWL presentation of trophies at Welwyn on Thursday 11th July you may feel that you would enjoy an easy run on Tuesday. Finish off with 4 x 100 strides (faster running) to turn your legs over (improve cadence) and increase your stride length.

If you would like a session then both blue and green group have 12 x 300m with 75s recovery on opposite sides of Broadway. Greens on the South View side and blues on the St Francis side. Purple group session is a fartlek of 7 x 3mins with 60s easy running between each effort.

Due to the MWL race there is no session on Thursday and on Saturday there is not a track session as it's the Dawn and Dusk First Saturday of the Month 5km on Norton Common.

Have a great week running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 2nd July

Tuesday - 10 x 2 mins Fartlek with 2 mins easier running/loop-back around the Lavender Fields loop.