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Standalone 10k - Green Team


Our Standalone 10k on 6th October will be our greenest race ever. We want to make it plastic free, have a massive reduction in car useage and recycle what waste is left.

We need your help to do this.

Please can you post your ideas here.

Thank you.


Re: Standalone 10k - Green Team

Few ideas...

• I know the t-shirts are a big part of the event but if you're going for a complete overhaul maybe to drop them? Most are produced in Asia so that carbon footprint is fairly large.
• Paper cups for the water
• Or water pods. Bit gimmiky maybe?
• Instead of a t-shirt maybe a wooden medal?
• Loads of well-labelled recycling bins at Standalone
• Is there a more eco-alternative to the timing chips on the shoes?
• Club/family litter-pick of the route the weekend after
• Solar power for the inflatable finish/timing devices
• Make sure any unavoidable printing is done on recycled paper
• Some sort of incentive for carpooling to the race
• Collection area for old running gear/event t-shirts for donation/recycling

I'll get on with my work now!

Re: Standalone 10k - Green Team

Could we set up some kind of car sharing page. Need something where you can post if interested in car sharing and saying where you are coming from.

Re: Standalone 10k - Green Team

Great ideas. Please keep them coming.