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An 80 mile round trip totally smashes my rule of not running events that take longer to get to then to run but if anyone wants to offer me a lift I am happy to be picked up in Hitchin or Letchworth...

Re: MWL4

Hi Jo, I have an empty car at the moment so no problem. Can take two others (any takers??). Would prefer to pick you up from Hitchin if that's ok? I would like to go early just in case m25 junction gets busy.
On the down side you will have to wait for Mr Slow to finish but, on the positive side you will have more time to get food!

Re: MWL4

Thanks for the offer Pat but I've had to change my mind about running tonight. I'm just about to pick up a load of work to add to the pile I already have and having wasted half the day putting my new bed together (not helped by jobsworth delivery men who wouldn't take it upstairs as it needed unpacking first and 'all tools included' only being true if you are strong enough to screw screws into undrilled wood with a manual screwdriver resulting in a trip to Homebase to buy an electric drill/screwdriver) and wanting to complete the bed once the screwdriver is fully charged so I can have my first night sleeping in a proper bed for about 4 weeks (house has been decorated, threw the old bedframe away, 4 week delivery time on the new one) I really can't justify spending about 5 hours to run 10k.

Have a good run everyone!