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Re: FSOM - Provisional Results

Not quite the balmy evening for the post-run picnic that we were hoping for but at least it wasn't raining and it was cooler for running than last year.

Thanks to all the runners for coming along & their efforts and many thanks to all the helpers.

The cakes were FANTASTIC - thanks.

Position Athlete Surname Forename Elapsed Team Comment
1 A01021 Sayers Mathew 00:17:38 NHRR
2 A01182 Parsons James 00:18:00 Freedom Tri
3 A00289 Clark Chris 00:19:18 Freedom Tri
4 A01061 Wright Vincent 00:20:16 NHRR
5 A01582 Datlen Ian 00:20:29 NHRR
6 A02014 Fisher Ben 00:21:22 Unattached
7 A02015 Cairncross David 00:22:14 Hitchin RC
8 A02052 Blakey Glyn 00:22:33 NHRR
9 A01022 Cotter Jenny 00:22:48 Freedom Tri
10 A00116 Wallis Rob 00:22:52 Bedford H.
11 A02055 Natarajan Mani 00:23:03 Unattached
12 A01140 Kemp John 00:23:23 LSTC
13 A00997 Ankers Matt 00:23:48 NHRR
14 A00029 Calcutt Colin 00:23:55 NHRR
15 A00989 Spinks Charlotte 00:24:04 NHRR Jnr
16 A00206 Agius Harry 00:24:06 NHRR
17 A00218 Harbon Helen 00:24:13 NHRR
18 A00344 Braybrook Dave 00:24:26 NHRR
19 A00546 Callan Luke 00:24:50 Unattached
20 A02053 Zelazowski Lukasz 00:25:06 Unattached
21 A01999 Howard Eliza 00:25:27 Unattached 8 yrs
22 A01094 Cotter Matt 00:25:28 Freedom Tri
23 A02044 Ford Naomi 00:26:04 Unattached
24 A00594 Lucas Viv 00:26:21 Unattached
25 A01279 Howitt David 00:26:30 Unattached
26 A01462 O'Connor Lucy 00:26:34 NHRR
27 A00284 TRIBE JULIE 00:26:50 Unattached
28 A02046 Banting Tim 00:26:55 NHRR
29 A01797 Agius Lewina 00:27:04 NHRR
30 A01719 Dalton Anthony 00:27:35 Unattached 12 yrs
31 A02048 Swinburne Sienna 00:28:06 unattached 9 yrs
32 A01955 Taylor Holly 00:28:06 Ardeley R.
33 A02056 Andrews Rachael 00:28:18 Unattached
34 A01889 Dalton Benjamin 00:28:21 LSTC 10 yrs
35 A01691 Dalton James 00:28:23 NHRR
36 A01676 Cheng Gladys 00:28:28 NHRR
37 A01271 Rafferty Rosie 00:28:56 Unattached
38 A02054 Miklas Lukasz 00:30:29 Unattached
39 A01553 Fox Janine 00:31:03 Unattached
40 A01470 Taylor Julie 00:31:06 Unattached
41 A01761 Wheelhowe Katherine 00:31:23 Trisports
42 A01417 Slaney Lisa 00:32:20 Unattached
43 A00084 Rolfe Vanessa 00:32:56 NHRR
44 A01705 Sutton Samantha 00:34:10 Trisports
45 A02049 Howard Dean 00:36:24 Unattached
46 A02039 Rickett Rachel 00:36:44 Unattached
47 A01092 Leavy Sheila 00:43:35 NHRR
48 A00381 Clarke Jane 00:43:43 NHRR
49 A01369 Clarke Oliver 00:43:43 Unattached Jnr

As ever, please post any comments/corrections below.

Re: FSOM - Provisional Results

Thank you for such a well arranged event last Saturday morning!

Not that it really matters but I noticed when crossing the line the the clock stated 29:40 whereas the listed time is 30:06. Does the listed time include the extra time to hand the chip in ?

Will definitely come again and try some of those scrummy cakes at the finish!

kind regds

Simon Garstin

Re: FSOM - Provisional Results

Hi Simon,

No 'timing issues' were flagged up in the morning event. The person before you finished in 29:41 so it is possible that you were given the wrong position number for some reason. However, I would have to swap you with someone else and change their time.......

You can take either time for your own records and please come along and put the record straight at another NHRR First Saturday event.

Pleased you enjoyed the run - but note we only have cakes on special days, though we normally have tea & coffee along with water at the finish.