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Hitchin Triathlon - result and thanks!


I did the Hitchin Tri today (400m swim, 20k cycle, 5k run) finishing in 1:27:07 which was around 20 seconds faster than last year. Was pleased given I had a bit of a limp on the second lap.

Big thanks to all the squirrels I saw and who cheered me en route, it really helped. It reminded me what a flipping brilliant club nhrr are!

If you are tempted to do a Tri would recommend this, very friendly and beginner friendly.

Lindsay x

Re: Hitchin Triathlon - result and thanks!

Totally agree with you Lindsey - huge thanks to Karen,Pete and Astrid for the big cheer at the start of lap 2! was much needed and appreciated.

Re: Hitchin Triathlon - result and thanks!

Here here! So great to see so many other squirrels at the start and out on both run and cycle routes - cheering each other on and then to come in on the bike and see all the support crew there was amazing! Thank you so much! Great to see Steve, Sophie, Helen and Caroline claiming trophies - especially those on their debuts! A great morning!

Re: Hitchin Triathlon - result and thanks!

Ditto above. I was absolutely terrified of doing this-but as soon as it started I enjoyed every minute (well nearly). Thank you lovely friends who helped with my pre race panic and it was fantastic to hear cheers from fellow north herts runners. Even though there were only 4 of us it was a real privilage to win first fv50 😊 oh and breakfast after was good too!