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Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

OMG well done everyone! Think I've missed the deadline but with all those amazing stories I'm happy to be left out! Just Great Barrow Challenge days 5 (Monday, 4.30) and 10 (Saturday, 4.14) for me. Jogged round with a mate on Monday, tried for sub-4 on Saturday but wasn't going to get there so backed right off and was then picked up by experienced ultra runner Steve Gordon (Thames Ring 250, Grand Union Canal 144, Death Valley 100 etc etc etc) who bullied me into run 8 mins walk 2 for the last 10 miles. I had hoped to do all 10 again this year but life went a bit pear shaped and motivation disappeared. Plucking up the courage to press 'Send' of the £50 Early Bird deposit for next year...

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

Hitchin triathlon 6 weeks ago I decided it would be fun to do a triathlon! From someone that could just about get by in the water hated the deep endeed didn't put her head under or swim properly really I thought it would be a good challenge took myself off to the pool almost daily and learnt to swim properly halving my swim time! For 200 metres and actually finding I enjoy swimming to be fair my cycling wasent much better I lost my confidence last year after a few too many falls but this challenge encouraged me to get back on the saddle so to speak and again I love it.... I didn't really know what tome to expect but thought about an hour and came in 1 hour 34 seconds fantastic event and would definitely do it again now to get more swim practice in ☺

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

We have had a great weekend at Love Trails Festival in The Gower. We ran 5k, 13k & 9k guided trail runs taking in beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. The vibe was very relaxed with great food & music too. Between running we enjoyed yoga and mindfulness sessions. If you are up for camping this is a brilliant way to enjoy trail running in a friendly, festival atmosphere.

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

I went to Willingham to do the Fen Gallop 10k. It was a lovely community event, fundraising for the local primary school, with a wooden medal and fantastic crowd and marshal support. It was a hot run around the fens, but a really nice course, with a bbq and a bar for afters. I did 51.40, and I'll be back next year!

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

First attempt at a sprint Triathlon for me today. Was aiming for under 1.30 so was delighted with 1.24. Lots of work required on the transitions (6 mins in total)but a really enjoyable event.

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

Hi, my first triathlon of the year and I managed to fend off the youngsters and retain the title in the Hitchin Triathlon this morning. There were quite a few squirrels so well done to all.
My stats for the 400m/20k/5k was 6:54/32:45/19:08, total 1:00:40.
Great support from loads of NHRR

Re: News report for week ending 7th July 2019

Thanks squirrels...

FYI, I have only included those from Hitchin Tri that posted as there is no easy way to get the teams - and having recently joined Freedom Tri myself, I have learnt that there is quite a few of us with dual membership.

I represented NHRR officially, as when I entered this was my only club. But I have since joined Hitchin Nomads and Freedom Tri. In my mind I did the swim for Freedom, the cycle for Nomads and the run for NHRR.

Very overwhelmed with the support from fellow squirrels on the course. It made a big difference for me, and I heard others say similar. I looked forward to the next lap to get another boost. I'm sure we made more noise :+1:

Personally I finished 8th in 65:58. Taking about 3 mins off my time from last year, however, I took no time off my transitions, as Adam said, likewise I need to work on those. It seems such an easy way to make up time. But practice must, surly make perfect.

I will definitely do it again next year, and as others have said, its a great event to give it ago. Its certainly a great experience.