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SORE League Week 28

Thank you for posting on the SORE League.

You can access the latest SORE League by clicking here: Latest SORE League

Points are awarded for every run of 10 miles or more as follows:

10 up to 13 miles: 0.5 point
13 up to 16 miles: 1 point
16 up to 20 miles: 1.5 points
20 up to 26 miles: 2 points
26 up to 30 miles: 3 points
30 miles and over: 4 points

Maximum points score for a single run is 4.

Providing home-made cake :cake: after a social run or other valuable services to running: 0.5 point

Half a point will also be awarded if you provide home-made cake :cake: when you attend a running event that is less than 10 miles or you are there in a supporting capacity.

Re: SORE League Week 28

10 miles early doors this morning for me please, Sue - two laps of the streets and hills of Leominster, felt like hard work after very hilly Ludlow parkrun yesterday! :sweat:

Re: SORE League Week 28

1st long run for a while for me today. 10 miles from Woodford to Hainault forest and back watching the London to Southend cyclists come through.

Re: SORE League Week 28

30km for me today please and 12.3 miles for me on the 5 July.

Re: SORE League Week 28

I am told i get points for my 22km run ..... (or 13.5miles) this is a first for me :)

Re: SORE League Week 28

10.5 miles around Hitchin and the Greenway for me please Sue,
I would also like to claim a 1/2 point for making cakes for the dawn to dusk please

Re: SORE League Week 28

11 miles yesterday morning...later than planned!