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Re: FSOM - Provisional Results

Thank you for such a well arranged event last Saturday morning!

Not that it really matters but I noticed when crossing the line the the clock stated 29:40 whereas the listed time is 30:06. Does the listed time include the extra time to hand the chip in ?

Will definitely come again and try some of those scrummy cakes at the finish!

kind regds

Simon Garstin

Re: FSOM - Provisional Results

Hi Simon,

No 'timing issues' were flagged up in the morning event. The person before you finished in 29:41 so it is possible that you were given the wrong position number for some reason. However, I would have to swap you with someone else and change their time.......

You can take either time for your own records and please come along and put the record straight at another NHRR First Saturday event.

Pleased you enjoyed the run - but note we only have cakes on special days, though we normally have tea & coffee along with water at the finish.