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Re: Press Report for Week Ending 14th July

As reported by Sue I ran round 8 or 9 Essex villages with Rodings in the name. Quite tough going and an at times dodgy route description but managed to find my way round with multiple scratches and stings to show for it in 4.57. Second lady - but the lady who beat me was just following the downloaded GPS route on her phone instead of using the route description and the map! I did actually finish before a lot of people who I am sure were well ahead of me at one point so I think quite a few 'diversions' were taken!

Re: Press Report for Week Ending 14th July

Jo Summers, Andrew Porter and me (Sue Foot) ran the Roding Around Marathon today. This was a circumnavigation of the nine noted villages named Roding in the beautiful Essex countryside of the Roding Valley. It was a self-navigated course with a written route description. The course was difficult at times with plenty of places to trip, get stung by stinging nettles and scratched by the overgrown tracks, but that didn’t stop us enjoying the very picturesque route.

Andrew and I finished in 6.06. Jo was well ahead of us and will post her finish time. 😀