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Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Hi Susan, I'm doing the Grim Reaper Ultra this weekend so I'll be thinking of you both!! Mind you, mine's on the grounds of a castle whereas I think you are on a trail somewhere in Derbyshire. Your's may be prettier but I think the castle grounds and surrounds may be an easier surface and after my last attempt recently well, my right leg has only just about recovered!!!! Good luck.

Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Pat, I did the Grim Reaper a few years ago, I completed seven 10 mile laps. It was quite challenging!

Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Good luck to you both, Susan and Mike - if you haven't done it before, you are in for a great weekend, and if you have, well you already know that! :smile:

Did this several times a few years ago, as part of a team of 8, when it was the Adidas Thunder Run - it was always great fun, a 'technical' route which I found quite challenging, particularly in the hours of darkness. A very well organised event with enthusiastic support from both marshals and fellow runners - the soloists were held in particularly high regard! It always felt a bit magical coming upon the lights/campfires of the marshals in the woods during the night runs, and my favourite moment was when I was lucky enough to get the dawn lap and saw the sun come up as I ran round. After tripping over a couple of times on a night lap and injuring my ankle, I decided it was probably time to give this one up before I did myself more serious damage!

I can still smell the chemical loos (not as bad as it sounds) and hear that constant beeping, as I lay in my tent trying to get a couple of hours sleep, of runners crossing the finish line at the end of a lap and handing over to the next team member ....

I still love team/relay events, but these days I try to stick to daytime ones!

Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Good luck Pat on the grim, I think mike has done that one.
Linda it’s our 11th year at TR24 we love the event. Forecast is for thunderstorms on Saturday so it may live up to its name again.
Ugh chemical Loos I try to forget shudder

Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Have a great weekend - we really should try and get a club team out for this again next year ..... :thinking_face:

Re: Conti Thunder Run 24 hour 2019

Hi Susan,

I ran it in a team of six. Did you wear your club vest?

It was great fun wasn’t it. I did four laps in a team of six and combined we did 126 miles which was not too bad as a team.