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Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

FVS Challenge for me. Opted for the marathon distance this year as I hate the loop in the middle that bumps it up to ultra distance. Perfect running conditions - warm and sunny. Finished in 4.35 and I think I was first lady. Sue and Naomi were there, there may also have been others running other distances but Sue and Naomi are all that I saw.

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

Myself and Lucy Hurly (and some other Squirrels I'll let them tell their story) did the FVS Challenge Half Marathon today. A lovely self guided run around the countryside near Stevenage. Well Lucy's navigation was impeccable as was her encouragement for me in the last few miles as I slowed badly after 1st nearly choking having swallowed a fly and then just running out of energy. A really enjoyable friendly event with great company. we finished in (about) 2hrs 25mins (cant find any official results yet)

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

I did the marathon at the FV Challenge. I was going along nicely chatting away when I tripped going under a bridge at about mile 10 and somehow in landing I scraped the top of my nose. One very helpful runner patched me up with a plaster. It caused me to walk for a while but with no other damage apart from a bloody nose and swelling i was soon back running if a bit slowly and finished in 5.56. 😊

Re: Press report for week ending Sunday 21 July

Shani fielding/ Briers

I also ran the Asics 10km 1:08:53...with my partner in crime Hayley Cocks managed over 10 mins faster than last year no pb for me but again really enjoyed the run, very well organised with a great medal, t- shirt and goody bag. Definitely one to do again next year..still chasing a new pb!