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The Grim Reaper 2019

Quite a good mixture of trail, path and road on this one although, you were correct Sue the course was challenging, the odd incline thrown in - one or two being rather steep!. The limestone path area was tricky and someone even managed to turn their ankle during the night on this section. Rather too hot a day for the distance (was even warm when I was on the overnight section) which managed to keep my pace down a lot. As I had a two hour drive home straight away after the event, I decided to take a couple of hours out but, probably due to being rather tired, I managed to set my alarm wrong and slept for an extra hour. This meant that I ran out of time for what would have been my sixth lap so I ended up doing 50 miles (again!!). All said, I enjoyed this event and I know that I am gradually getting closer to the distances (and time) that I am trying to achieve.

Re: The Grim Reaper 2019

Only 50 miles!!, the thought frightens me.

Well done Pat