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New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records

If you look a the Club Records section of the website you will notice that an extra column has appeared on the Right Hand Side of both the Female & Male record tables: Parkrun.

As the name implies, this are Club Records (in the usual age categories) for fastest parkruns.

I have taken the liberty of pre-populating the Records Table with the fastest Parkruns achieved in the age categories in 2019 (well, up until the end of June) by current paid up Club Members.

The usual eligibility rules apply for these Club Records (suitably modified for Parkrun):

Being a current member of North Herts Road Runners
It being a proper course (in this case - the result appears in the official Parkrun results)
Representing NHRR (so make sure your Parkrun Profile has your Running Club set to North Herts

Lastly, congratulations to: Oliver Brady, Christian Allen, Tom Webb, Adam Bowller, Rob Harris, Mark Vaughan, Nick Malpeli, Pete Sibbett, Elwyn Howell, Philip Flack, Brian Bailey, Rhia Botha, Jillian Boys, Helen Cairns, Helen Giffen, Sue Vaughan, Caroline Thrussell and Linda Aird who have made this initial list. I am quite sure there is going to be a fairly rapid turnover of the names in the frame !

Re: New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records


thanks for doing this.....I know there's a fair bit of work behind the scenes keeping club records up to date, and it is appreciated!

Re: New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records

Hi Nick, great job! I did however notice that Mark has run faster before, a 16.36 at Bedford on Christmas day 2016

Re: New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records

Sorry just read it's from this year

Re: New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records

Thanks Nick - I'll have to run a bit faster at my next one, but that's unlikely to happen at Ludlow as it's a series of small mountains ..... :joy:

Re: New for 2019 - Parkrun Club Records

Thanks Nick!