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Sunset Starlight Walk

Dear All,

Garden House Hospice have their annual Starlight walk on Saturday 3rd August. It is going to be very different from previous years with various events taking place around the 7.5 mile walk. There are well over 300 people entered already.

We have been asked if we would like to put on a food and drink station on one of the legs of the course.

As the Hospice is our chosen charity this year I thought that this may be a good idea. Is anyone able to assist to staff this stall?

Thank you.


Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

What time would we need to be available please?

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

Sorry we are away!

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

I am happy to assist. Lucy

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

Dear Lucy, Jo,

Thank you for your response. The walk starts at 7.45 from Nuffield. Our bit is at about mile 3. We wouldn't need to set up until 7.30 and I reckon we would be away by 9.30.

Are you happy to assist?


Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

I can help if you need me.

Thank you

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

Hi, my response to this seems to have disappeared, but I have emailed you. I can help, but need the details of when and what the arrangements are please!

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

Hello thanks for your offers of help. We will be setting up the stall at 7.30 on the greenway just out the back of hillbrow. That’s where the greenway goes along the back of highfield. If you can be there about then that’ll be great. We’re just doing drinks and sweets - hands off the jelly babies Monica! X

Re: Sunset Starlight Walk

Perfect, thank you. See you there!