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Training Tuesday 30th July & Thursday August 1st

Tuesday's training for blue group is 4 x 1M run throughs at 10km-HM pace at Howard Drive/Penn Way. Green group session is 6 x 1000m at Hillbrow at 10km pace with 90s recovery whilst purple group have 6-8 x 400m at St Francis with 2mins recovery.

On Thursday blue and green group have a 10 min warm up followed by a 20 - 30 minute tempo run and a 10 min cool down. Purple group also have a 20 minute tempo run with 10 minute warm up and cool down. A guideline for tempo speed is that you can say 4/5 words but cannot hold a conversation. When it is hot HR can be a better guide than pace as you will run slower for the same effort.

No track session on Saturday as it's the August First Saturday of the Month 5km, We hope some of you are around to marshal or run:)

Brian will post yellow group sessions.

Enjoy a great week running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 30th July & Thursday August 1st

Yellows on Tour

Tuesday - Green & Blue Lagoons Run - 5.8 miles - meet & start Spirella.

Thursday - Ickleford - Cricket Club - return via Lavender Fields 6.2 miles / Run & Talk evening. Meet & start at Spirella

Re: Training Tuesday 30th July & Thursday August 1st

August 1st is Yorkshire day, so bring a yorkshire pud for recovery :+1: carbs and protein :yum: