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Alternative needed for St Paul’s mile reps

Having run the St Paul’s mile route today I was concerned by the ever increasing prominent tree routes and deterioration of the pavement. Can anyone suggest any possible alternatives please? Could be a loop or a mile out and back. Please post below if you have any suggestions.

Re: Alternative needed for St Paul’s mile reps

Dunhams Lane & Avenue 1 make a loop of about a mile (brief stretches on Baldock Road and Works Road, crossings should be very quiet of an evening). Depends if the hills are too much for what you're looking for.

Childwick Way, Southern Way, Western Way, Childwick Way might also be an option, there are a couple of crossings but when we've run out and backs along Western Way & Gaunts Way and the roads have always been quiet.

Both are only just a mile according to google so it depends if you also want some space for a gentle jog between.

In my mind at least both of these have reasonable pavement for running on...

Re: Alternative needed for St Paul’s mile reps

What about Highfield Road and Hillbrow? I think that's about half a mile so there and back??