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Training Tuesday 6th, Thursday 8th & Saturday 10th August

Having trained on the St Paul's 1M loop last Tuesday it is with regret that I have decided that we can no longer train on this loop as a club as the tree roots are increasingly prominent and the path is deteriorating in several places. I am therefore in the process of amending the schedule to remove St Paul's and am looking at a couple of new routes:) many thnaks to Ali and Pat for their suggestions.

Tuesday's training for purple group is 3 x 1200m at Broadway/South View with 2 minutes walk round recovery. With Richard on holiday Karen will be coaching green group for 4-6 x 1M on the Grange loop with 90s recovery. The loop starts at the roundabout with Norton Way. Blue group will be coached by Pete for 4-5 x Bedford Rd bumps with 90s recovery.

On Thursday blues and greens have a ladder of 2 x 4/3/2/1 mins with 60s recovery between each effort and purple session is a fartlek of 7 x 3mins with 2 mins easier running between each effort to re-group.

Saturday's track session was 5 x 800m with 90s recovery at 3km pace but I believe this session took place yesterday so if are coming next Sat and would like a different session please let me know. 9.15am, Ridlins, £2 payable to FVS for track hire, open to all:)

Brian will post yellows on tour.

Love running with NHRR:)

Re: Training Tuesday 6th, Thursday 8th & Saturday 10th August

Tuesday - GreenWay Out - Round the Bounds Back - 6 miles (there is a slightly shorter easier way back, maybe 5.25 miles). Meet Spirella as usual & drive to NHLCentre or 7:40 at NHLC, Baldock Road.

Thursday - Around Old XC Course - 5.25 miles. Meet Spirella as usual & drive to Manor Wood Greenway car park near Willian or 7:40 at Manor Wood car park.

Re: Training Tuesday 6th, Thursday 8th & Saturday 10th August

I’ll be at the track. :+1: