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Plantar fasciitis


Does anyone have a miracle cure for plantar fascitis, ive tried insoles, rolling, ice bottles. Im struggling to get through a days work never mind running :(

Re: Plantar fasciitis


One thing you could try is wearing a Strasbourg sock in bed at night. You can buy them online, the idea is it gently stretches out the bottom of your foot while you sleep.

I think a few people at the club have tried them.....

Re: Plantar fasciitis

I found stretching my Achilles tendon by standing on the stairs on my toes and lowering ankles down slowly and holding for a few seconds and repeating helped. Should find a better description online.
Also rolling my foot on a golf ball.
I would also recommend seeing a physio.

Re: Plantar fasciitis

All good suggestions - definitely see a physio or a podiatrist if you haven't already. I found rolling a frozen orange under my foot really helped relieve the pain - you can pop it back in the freezer after use so it's ready for next time.