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Training Tues 20th, Thurs 22nd & Sat 24th Aug

Purple group training on Tuesday will be 2-3 x 1M with 2mins recovery on the Grange loop; this may be coached by Karen. Green group have a fartlek of 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 mins with half rep recovery whilst blues have 6 x 1km at 5km pace with 75s active easy run through recovery at St Francis. If any blues would prefer to make this a 10km/HM session then 8-10 x 1000m at 10km pace would be ideal.

Thursday there is likely to be just 1 session of 8-16 x 400m with 75s or 90s recovery at St Francis.

Karen and Peter are not available to coach track on Saturday but you can still go and do your own session if you would like.

Happy running:)

Re: Training Tues 20th, Thurs 22nd & Sat 24th Aug

Tuesday - last 'On Tour' run - Round the Bounds & Greenway Back. Meet Spirella as usual and drive or 19:40 at Greenway Manor Wood car park nr. Willian.

Thursday - 4 x 6 mins @ 2 mins on Greenway from Hillbrow.