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Standalone Update

Dear All,

With only 4 weeks to go I felt it prudent to brief you with some updates so far.

We have filled the race with 1760 entries. There will now be a flurry of transfers taking place. I anticipate 1500 runners on the day.

Our teams have been picked. They were selected by our team Captains based on current form, appearances for the club in the cross country and mid week league and attendance on training nights.

(One big lesson from this year is we need to be more transaprent about these selection criteria much earlier)

We also have two runners who were selected through our ballot. The criteria for this is much simpler. If you help out at Standalone this year, in whatever way, your name goes into a ballot for next year. We select a minimum of 2 names. If we can select more we will.

The teams are as follows.


Andrew Leach
Jim McConnel
Stuart Overton
Nathan Pask
John Rayner
Matt Sayers
Darren Sunter
Mark Vaughan
Tom Webb


Katie Harbon
Astrid McKeown
Caroline Thrussell
Sophie Thrussell

Jim Marvel and Naomi Parkinson were selected from the ballot.

We wish them all well in the race.

Thank you


Re: Standalone Update

Why does the men's team have double the number of people than the women's team.
Do we not have any other female runners wanting to run?

Re: Standalone Update

I was wondering the same thing ....:thinking_face:

Re: Standalone Update

I assume that as there is more than 50% men selected to run as the women in our club, it will be reflected in the same ratio for the hard working marshals!