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Training Tues 24th, Thurs 26th & Sat 28th Sept

With the 3rd race of the Hatfiekd 5km series on Wednesday there should be people enjoying easy runs on Tuesday and Thursday. However if you are not racing then Tuesday's session for purples is 3-4x St Francis 1000m loop with 2mins walk round recovery. Thursday's session is a 10 x 1 min effort and 1 mins easier running fartlek making 20mins of fartlek and a warm up and cool down. Greens have a fartlek on Tuesday of 7 x 3mins with 90s easier running between each effort and blues have 4 x 1M on Howard Drive at 5km/10km pace witj 90s recovery. On Thursday blues and greens are together for 6 x 600m and 6 x 300m at 5km/3km pace with 90s/60s recovery.

Track is on as usual on Saturady, 9.15am at Ridlins, cost £2 payabe to FVS for track hire. The session is 2 x 800/600/400/200 with 90s recovery. We will run both 800s then the 600s etc

As usual Brian will post yellow group training.
Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 24th, Thurs 26th & Sat 28th Sept

I’ll be at the track. Thanks :+1:

Re: Training Tues 24th, Thurs 26th & Sat 28th Sept

Tuesday 24th - Ladder 5,4,3,2 (1 / 2 mins) on LHS Icknield Way

Thursday 26th - 3 x 1 mile (2 mins) on Grange loop start & finish in Lammas Way