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London and Brighton Club Marathon places


This week, London Marathon acceptances/rejections are being sent...NHRR get club places for London and Brighton (last year it was 2 for London and 10 for Brighton, to be confirmed how many this year). Here's more info on how you can apply for one of our NHRR club places. Keep your proof of rejection if you want to be considered for a London place!


Re: London Club Marathon places

Yes please, I would like a club place for the London Marathon having received the sorry letter for about 15th or more time. The tops you get if you donate your fee to charity has greatly improved over the years and years and years haha!

Re: London Club Marathon places

I'd also like to put my name forward for London please

Re: London and Brighton Club Marathon places

I think i qualify.... certainly been rejected!, may i put myself forward for a place please.