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Seville or maratona di cattedrali long weekend

Morning :)

I've been eyeing up these two marathons for a while and my schedule never worked but now with Eliud's PB I'm more keen to book my next marathon soon (you know, in case I can beat him!).

I haven't been to the club for a few months due to commitments, long holiday, training which I needed to do alone, injuries, cold etc etc so I haven't seen you to ask you in person, especially the green group.

Seville is on 23rd February and Di Cattedrali, in Puglia, Italy is 3rd May. Anyone fancy one of them? They're both flat and beautiful. My marathon buddies have lost interest in running so I'll go by myself regardless (not taking any non runner friends or family) but it would be nice if people from the club are interested and we make a long weekend of it!

I want Seville more but for that, today should have been week no1 of training and I'm doing an ultra marathon in two weeks. If I come out of it uninjured I'm still considering Seville. I know I've talked about this one with some of you so have a think.

There's also Prague on 3rd May which has been discussed but I've just done Budapest which I think is quite similar so I was looking for something different.

Sorry for the long post!! I really missed you all!!