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Training Tuesday 29th & Thursday 31st October.

Tuesday's training for blue group will be a fartlek of 7 x 3 minutes with 90s of easier effort to regroup plus warm up and cool down of 10-15 minutes. Green group session, coached by Adam Bowller as Richard is away, is 3-4 x Bedford Rd bumps with 90s or 2 minutes recovery. It's the Broadwater pyramid for yellows and purples have 3-4 x 1200m on the Broadway/South View loop.

On Thursday yellow group session is a run round the NHRR 5km loop with Karen offering 8-12 x 400m with 75s/90s or 2 mins recovery at St Francis for anyone who would like to do this session. Those of you who are racing the cross country might prefer to make Thursday your long run day or enjoy a tempo run although 400s will give your legs a spin before the race. As always, you are very welcome to enjoy a social, chatty run rather than take part in the session as developing your aerobic capacity is important as is the programming in of easy weeks every so often:)

On Tuesday Karen will be offering a short talk before training sharing some of the gems that she has gleaned from all the courses that she has been on recently. Experienced runners will have heard it all before but anyone is welcome to attend. There won't be a presentation, it will just be me speaking. I'll start at 6.55pm and finish at 7.05pm by the sofas. Topics will include:
A = aerobic capacity
B = balance
C = controlling the controllables
D = diet but actually particularly what to have after a session or race
E = effort focusing on over-training indicators
F= foot & ankle mobility

No Saturday session as it's the First Saturday of the Month 5km on Norton Common. Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 29th & Thursday 31st October.

Sounds good Karen, I’ll be there for the talk.