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Training Tues 5th, Thurs 7th & Sat 9th November

Tuesday's training for blue group is 3 x 2M on the Willian Way/Baldock Rd/Howard Drive loop with 2 mins recovery between each rep. This could be run at 10km - HM spped depending on whether you raced today. You could also turn this in to a tempo session of 3 x however many minutes with an active easy running recovery. Green session for Tuesday is 4 x 1500m with 90s recovery on the Dunhams loop but starting at the top of the hill. Yellow group have a ladder on the left hand side of Icknield Way of 5/4/3/2/1 mins; you go out for 5 and back for 5 mins whilst purples have 5 x Runnalow with 90s recovery.

On Thursday Jo Harbon has offered to lead a headlight torch run through the common and round the back of the Grange on the Greenway. Please sign up below if you would like to enjoy a bit of night time running fun:)

Also on Thursday yellows have 4 x Bedford Rd bumps, purples will be enjoying a fartlek of 8 mins warm up, 3/4/5/4/3 mins with 2 mins easier running between each effort and blues and greens are at Blackhorse Rd for 6 x 3 mins hills with 90s recovery.

On Saturday Karen will be offering a track session of 12 x 300m with 100m float following warm up drills. £2 payable to FVS for track hire and session starts at 9.15am at Ridlins, Stevenage.

Next Saturday, 16th November I will offer a Chicksands session and then back to track on the 23rd before our next XC at Wing on the 24th.

A week Thursday, November 14th, we will be holding one of our club handicap 5kms. You decide when you would like to start, that is how long you are going to be out running and then you set off at that time. Karen uses whole minutes and 30s only. Great fun to see if you can finish 1st as potentially everyone should have that opportunity depending how they run to their time:)

Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 5th, Thurs 7th & Sat 9th November

Sounds like a bit of fun - yes please Jo