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Club handicap 5km Thurs 14th Nov

Firstly huge thanks to Monica, Linda and Jo who all gave up their evening to support me with the organisation of the event and ensured a safer and more efficient event:) A fabulous turn out of 41 squirrels scurried round the course with everyone finishing within a couple of minutes; you are definitely getting too good at this!

First across the line was Clare Hooley, who ensured no one overtook her with a sparkling 33.45, with Katie Harbon fastest overall in 18.35. Fastest man was James Keogh with 19.10. and closest to their estimated time was coach Brian Bailey with 29.08, just 8 seconds off.

Whilst the course was 0.08 of a mile short (I'll take the wheel round and sort that out for next time) everyone ran superbly and I have no doubts that you could all replicate this time or faster in your next 5km if it's on road. Super running, and I could tell by the smiles and chat that you all enjoyed it!

Hope I haven't left anyone out as I amalgamated the lists but please post if I have.

Full results:
Matt Ankers 24.20
Brian Bailey 29.08
Hayley Batson 28.52
Dave Braybrook 24.16
Sam Brown 19.45
Steve Brenton 22.40
Kevin Browne 22.50
Andrew C 24.33
Lorna Chambers 28.52
Andrew Coates 21.03
James Dalton 19.45
Ian Datlen 20.04
Mark Davis 21.46
Mark Draper 29.59
Jeanette Everitt 28.21
Carol Goodrum 34.05
Helen Harbon 24.29
Jo Harbon 25.05
Ian Harvey 20.07
Abbie Haskell 26.53
Carl Haskell 24.10
Vicky Haskell 29.19
Joanne Hoare 24.55
Clare Hooley 33.45
Lucy Hurley 27.45
Neil Jefferson 20.49
Charlie Jones 23.34
Brian Judkins 31.58
James Keogh 19.10
Helen Marson-Smith 29.56
Lucy O'Connor 24.30
Geoff Pettengell 34.32
James Poulton 24.15
Andrew Robson 22.34
Davinder Shekhan 34.05
Peter Sibbett 21.27
Cara Sutton 27.19
Gary Taylor 23.57
Richard Thackeray 21.27
Caroline Thrussell 21.36