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/race report week ending 17 November


please post any race reports below using your full name and event name by 7pm. If you have any photos please email me at


Re: /race report week ending 17 November

On Saturday Adam Bowller & John Auld competed at the Eastern Counties XC championships at Keysoe, the race also incorporates the Eastern Masters championships.

The course for senior men was 12km long that included 3 crossings of a very large 'water feature'!

It was a successful afternoon with Adam finished 3rd overall & John finishing in 19th & claiming 2nd Eastern Masters v35

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Great running at St Neots-

Pos Name Cat Pos Cat Gun Chip Pace (min/mile) Age %
78 Adrian Sherwood 8 MV50 01:26:38 01:26:34 06:36 78.00%
133 Peter Sibbett 17 MV50 01:29:24 01:29:15 06:48 78.00%
181 Brent Lloyd 77 MS 01:32:37 01:32:25 07:02 64.00%
190 Carl Haskell 74 MV40 01:33:17 01:33:05 07:06 67.00%
40 Caroline Thrussell 2 FV55 01:36:05 01:35:41 07:17 84.00%
237 Chris Stokes 97 MV40 01:35:51 01:35:41 07:17 65.00%
82 Rhia Botha 33 FS 01:42:19 01:41:35 07:44 65.00%
83 Dervla Downing 31 FV35 01:42:22 01:41:58 07:46 68.00%
84 Helen Cairns 17 FV45 01:42:37 01:42:11 07:47 69.00%
156 Jennifer Fraser 56 FV35 01:50:06 01:49:16 08:20 63.00%
523 Chris Poole 168 MS 01:51:18 01:50:33 08:25 53.00%
182 Lucy O 'Connor 14 FV55 01:52:42 01:52:17 08:33 74.00%
560 Adam Wilson 219 MV40 01:53:27 01:53:00 08:37 58.00%
254 Lucy Hurley 72 FS 01:57:06 01:56:36 08:53 57.00%
255 Naomi Parkinson 73 FS 01:57:06 01:56:37 08:53 56.00%
336 Barbara Duncan 101 FV45 02:03:16 02:02:43 09:21 63.00%
708 Alan Hazlehurst 183 MV50 02:06:51 02:05:27 09:34 54.00%
440 Allison Blunt 147 FV45 02:10:23 02:09:39 09:53 60.00%
442 Vicky Haskell 157 FV35 02:10:26 02:09:43 09:53 53.00%
768 Paul Bowal 286 MV40 02:18:23 02:17:19 10:28 44.00%
604 Ali Mottram 210 FV35 02:28:27 02:25:53 11:07 46.00%
805 Jim Marvell 295 MV40 02:32:14 02:29:38 11:24 43.00%

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Adam Bowller and myself raced in the EAA and EMAC cross country championships at Keysoe.

Adam finished 3rd overall and I finished 19th overall but 2nd EMAC V35.

It’s quite tricky to join EMAC - and this worked out in my favour! :wink:

The event was fairly low key, but I’m not sure why. It was great, and the course was fantastic! The course was three laps of 4km loop. It was round the equestrian course. :racehorse: Now - I'm sure the horses get round this course no problem - but for me, not so easy. It was all on grass/mud so it was a good spike course. It was mainly flat, apart from some short sharp hills. It was still very tough as the grass was long so was strength sapping.

We didn’t have to jump the horse fences, but we did have to go through two water features per lap. The first was a ditch, a short sharp descent into a mud bath, and then out again. The second one was about 20m of knee high water. Basically you had to do high knees through water. After which was very tough to get going again with freezing cold legs, and feet. There was loads of people around this part watching too, so there was the added pressure of having to try and not screw it up in front of everybody. All those high knees and B skip drills at the track paid off well!

Personally I had a great race, I ran even paced and worked my way up the field and picked off several people in the last lap.

The weather was beautiful too. I had the best fun. I’d love to do that course again soon.

Great extra curricular cross country practice.

Bring on the Three Counties next week! :muscle:


Re: /race report week ending 17 November

I also ran the St Neots half marathon this morning, coming home first for the club in 52nd place in a chip time of 1:23:33. This is a PB by 4 seconds beating my previous best set on the same course in 2017

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Men’s team captain Pete Sibbett is delighted with my personal worst time for half marathon at St Neots as it’s the 1st time that I’ve been injury free and able to run a HM since 2011! Sub 1.30 was my target so looking forward to working hard to get closer to 1.25 next year.

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Just thought I’d mention - further to Brian B’s list of St Neots runners today, Barbara Duncan is known to us as Timehin Duncan & this was her first Half Marathon.

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Just in case Andrew doesn't add this himself ...

Andrew Leach won the M55 race at the British and Irish Masters International at Aintree on Saturday. Representing England, he finished the 8km course in 26:58 - over half a minute ahead of the second placed runner - in a performance that helped to ensure that England took the team win. Andrew is the current European M55 10,000m champion, and his run at Aintree comes just a few weeks after he ran the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k in 32:04, putting him second on the UK all-time list for M55 runners.

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Andrew Porter Jo Summers and Sue Foot ran the Steppingley Step Marathon today. This was an off road 26.2 mile route description course that started and finished at Barton-le-Clay village hall. It was a lovely route with lots of muddy fields and leaf-filled tracks that took us out to Westoning, Millbrook, Ampthill park, Flitwick and Pulloxhill. Andrew and I finished in 6.29. Jo will post her time as needless to say she was well ahead of us! 😀

Re: /race report week ending 17 November

Steppingley Step for me - lovely run, thoroughly enjoyed it! Finished in 5.03 so am a little confused as to how Sue and Andrew started before me and finished after me without me passing them en route - unless they saw me coming and hid behind a tree!