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Training Tues 19th, Thurs 21st & Sat 23rd November

With several members racing St Neots at the weekend there should be a demand for a social run on Tuesday:) However, for those who did not race purple group session is the Spring Rd Pyramid with 90s recovery whilst yellow group are on the Grange for 3 x 1M starting and finishing on Lammas Way. Green group session is 1-2 x 1.8 M round the Baldock Rd, Howard Dtive, Brandles Rd, Willian Way loop with 2 mins recovery and 1-2 x 1M from Willian Way traffic lights with 90s recovery. Blue group have a fartlek of 2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2 mins with half rep easier running between each controlled effort.

On Thursday Yellow group have a fartlek of 7 x 3mins with 2 mins easier running between each effort, purple group will be running a ladder from the Grange roundabout of 4/3/2/1 mins with 60s between each rep whilst blue and green groups have a 20-30 min temp run ahead of Sunday's 2nd XC league race at Wing. If wished the tempo could be broken in to 2 x 15 mins or 3 x 10 mins.

On the schedule I suggested no track on Saturday due to racing XC on Sunday however Pete is willing to coach if anyone is interested in going over for the usual drills and short reps to work on cadence and stride length. Please post below if you would like to go to track.

Enjoy a great week of running with NHRR!