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Tues 26th, Thurs 28th & Sat 30th Nov

A weekend of awesome racing should mean that some of you will be enjoying a social run on Tuesday and/or Thursday but for those of you looking for a training session we have another fabulous week planned:)

Tuesday's training for purple group is a fartlek of 7 x 3 mins with 2 mins easier running between the efforts whilst yellow group session is 6 x Wheat Hill off 2 mins. Green group have a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2/ mins with 60s recovery between each effort and blues have 6-8 x 1000m with 90s recovery.

On Thursday blue group training is a 5M progression run, green group have another tempo but if you'd like to change this you could join purples as they have 8 x 400m on St Francis with 90s or 2 mins recovery. Greens could do 12 if you would like a longer session. Yellow group session is 4 x 7 mins on Icknield Way.

Track session is on this week at Ridlins, 9.15am start, £2 for FVS to cover track hire,

Enjoy a super week running with NHRR!

Re: Tues 26th, Thurs 28th & Sat 30th Nov

track for me on Saturday please!

Re: Tues 26th, Thurs 28th & Sat 30th Nov

Track for me please :+1:

Re: Tues 26th, Thurs 28th & Sat 30th Nov

I may be a bit late where would the blue group session be?

Re: Tues 26th, Thurs 28th & Sat 30th Nov

St Francis West View loop so please meet us at the UKs 1st roundabout:)