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More data from Strava - Elevate!

Knowing that I am quite keen on looking at data Nick Malpeli has kindly made me aware of a free extension to Strava called Elevate, previously Stravissimo. This is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. I downloaded it very easily and in about 25 mins it had transferred my 2 years of Strava data in and had produced some useful additional information. Will analyse cycling and swimming data as well so useful for triathletes. I am particularly interested in the fitness trend and fatigue and form indicators but I haven't had long enough to look at it to see what I think. Just thought some of you might be interested if you are not already aware of it. Happy statistics!:)
PS Still think listening to your body is the best way forward:)

Re: More data from Strava - Elevate!

Yep, Elevate is great, you basically get the Analysis bits of "Premium" Strava for nothing

Re: More data from Strava - Elevate!

Even as a causal runner (I only really use stats on time, distance, pace and number of runs), Strava is very poor - I know I’ve ranted before about it vastly inflating your pace by using its own definition of ‘moving time’ (time minus any time the algorithm deems you’re moving too slowly) unless you apply workarounds. Data that goes as wrong as that is pretty useless to me other than for it’s social media aspect.

The danger is if you start liking something that relies on access to Strava’s API and then Strava stops access to it (for duplicating Strava’s paid for content), which has been known.

Re: More data from Strava - Elevate!

D'oh I recently started paying for Strava premium and now you tell me about Elevate :)
I just added the extension to Chrome - thanks for the tip Karen. I see its also got activity maps -which Strava removed links to from its platform supposedly over privacy concerns - i'm sure that was probably a commercial decision by Strava but best to be aware.