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Press report for week ending 1st December


Please post race reports below. Please don't forget to include your full name and all relevant details. Juicy quotes always welcome, as are pics (email: John.michael.auld@

The deadline is 7pm this evening.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December

John - Kat G took some photos at the Bedford Half today, hopefully she will email some to you.We went to support at Cranfield, around mile 9, and were impressed with how strong everyone was looking.

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December

Valencia Marathon for me this morning. Great course and a really brilliant event. In a deep field, I managed to come home 290th in 2.35.21 which was a new PB for me. Fast, flat and sunny, what more could you want?

Set up nicely for a December of indulgence 😁

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December


RYAN NICHOLL................1:23:48
ADRIAN SHERWOOD......1:29 22
LUCY O’CONNOR.............1:55:41
SUSAN FOOT...................2:00:15
ANDREW PORTER...........2:04:19
TOM BROWNLEE.............2:05:24
DAVID BRAYBROOK.........2:06:20
MIRANDA MORGAN..........2:14:46
VANESSA ROLFE...............2:23:55

I saw two other names on the entry list but sorry I couldn’t find them on the results list
Rachel Canning
Katherine Gourd

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December

Thanks to Nessa for posting our results from Bedford Harriers Half. I’ve not done this race before and really enjoyed it. A lovely undulating 1 lap course through rural Bedfordshire with a great downhill after mile 9. Great organising and marshalling by Bedford Harriers and it was such a treat to run in sunshine. All in all perfect running conditions (albeit a bit chilly at the start) and Sue Foot was 2nd in her age category.

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December

And I forgot to mention how nice it was to Linda Aird & Kat Gourd at Cranfield (mile 9). Linda had a big bowl of Jelly Babies.

Re: Press report for week ending 1st December....Hurtwood 50


I ran the Hurtwood 50 today with Susan Mansfield . Sorry it’s a little late but as it’s a Trail Ultra we only just finished !
A proper Beast of a run in the forests around Dorking and the Chilterns ......not a smidgeon of flat running, just mile after mile of sludgy and gnarly hills ...and when I say hills I mean mountains 😂
That said, I’d was totally most races, we ran it together (Susan keeps reminding me it’s an ultra not a 5k so I shouldn’t race off at the start ), and we both crossed the line in the dark , stopping the clock at 7hrs 19, which is 43 minutes faster than last year....all that training with you guys must be having a positive effect , and like all races we do (generally nothing shorter than a marathon), we run it in fancy dress to add to the challenge
I’ll send you some photos
Mike Bullock