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December's My Running Story

Hi all,

Just to let you know that December's My Running Story is now online. It's by Linda Aird, and it's a great read. Thanks Linda! Read it here:

If you'd like to submit your 'Running Story', please do so!

You can send it to me at:

This is open to everyone, regardless of experience as a runner or longevity as a club member. The only criteria is that you're a paid-up member at the time your piece goes online.

You can write whatever you'd like as long as it falls under the heading 'My Running Story'. It should be between 100 and 1000 words.



Re: December's My Running Story

really enjoying the running stories, looking forward to the next one!

Re: December's My Running Story

It's a nice way to think back over your running history and see how far you have come - everyone's got a story, why not give it a go? :blush: