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Marathon training and eating plans

Hi all I'm after some honest advice opinions feed back on eating whilst marathon training what you guys do the experienced people the fast people not that I'll be fast but what works for you what you reccomend and anyone really who can offer advice I follow someone at the moment with a plan but I'm interested to hear what experiences other runners have please!

Re: Marathon training and eating plans

Hi Hayley,

Personally I think it’s important, at least for me, to count calories.

When I’m marathon training my body is constantly exhausted and I personally struggle to know when I’ve eaten enough. It’s actually common to put weight on in a marathon plan because of this. I find also that my body confuses hunger with sleep. So I use the calorie counting to know if I’ve eaten enough. I worked out that if I ate something and felt no difference hunger wise, this means I needed sleep rather than food. This was a revelation when I found this out. Basically I’d eat tea, and if I felt no difference, I’d just go to bed early. I’d wake up feeling better again.

Otherwise my diet involves mostly salmon, broccoli, chicken, rice. So long as you are eating fruit and veg and whole foods, rather than processed, you can’t really go wrong.

I ate little and often, throughout the day. I planned in something roughly every hour. Apple, banana, orange, grapes, nuts...

I also restrict myself to ONE coffee per day. The idea being to help sleep, which you need for recovery. God help anybody who interrupted my coffee for the day. :grinning: coffee has a half life of 4 hours, which means 4 hours later, half is still in your system.

I also do not drink alcohol at all, it has a huge effect on both your cardio training and your snacking. After a couple of weeks of not drinking, I see my HR start to come down for the same effort. The alcohol free stuff is quite good nowadays.

I have a stable diet of SIS REGO, I have it after every run. :yum: especially recovery runs. It’s a recovery drink, so you should be trying to maximise the recovery from these too.

I had some silly stuff in there too, like doing a midweek long run Wednesday morning completely fasted from about 4pm Tuesday... then club speedwork and a long run. The aim is to train my body to work with no carbs, and burn fat. I think it’s good, but I got it wrong a couple of times and nearly collapsed. I still do this on a smaller scale now, but always carry an emergency gel with me.

In the summer, I used to weigh myself before and after a run, to see how much liquid I lost. And see how much you should be drinking.

That’s the jist what I do anyway.

Maybe some of it is useful.

Re: Marathon training and eating plans

John thankyou that's interesting the part about no carbs ! That's really my question how people feel about carbs and running or low carbs ! I've been back on the plan I did previously great for fat burning its low carb but since I've started trying to run again I have absolutely no energy every run feels like hell even 3-4 k last night I struggled to keep up on something I can normally manage the guy I follow insists you can run on low carb and burn your fat for fuel but I'm struggling to be convinced right now ! I also fast I'm struggling with the idea of eating beige carbs so as I've only been having 2 meals small I'm going to try to increase to 3 but still eat the better foods I di need to reduce my coffee and the SIS REGO is that the cherry one.

Re: Marathon training and eating plans

Hayley, I am no expert but maybe play around with a few things and find out what works for you? It sounds as if you are low on energy to try tweaking a few things and see if anything makes a difference?

Personally I am not a fan of anything that involves cutting out whole food groups so maybe eating a balanced, healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep would work? Also, when you eat before and after running is pretty important too.

Good luck with your training!


Re: Marathon training and eating plans

Thankyou for your feedback lindsay yep I'm noe trying 3 meals a day to see if that helps I'm just really interested to see what everyone else does,thankfully I do drinks lots of water but i sweat alot too so have added in natural salt water have also ordered tailwind as I know that works for me thankyou x