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XC - Marshals (please read if you have volunteered)

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help on Sunday. I now have the latest version of the marshal grid. This is being posted onto the website.

Jo will be speaking to all those who are making food or delivering it on Sunday.

The marshal briefing on Sunday is at the farm at 9.15am. Please get there for 9am. We will be briefing over the bridge near the cow yard.

You will need warm clothes, preferably fancy dress, a means of getting onto the course, hot drink and something to eat. Oh a sense of humour and loud cheering voice will help.

We will provide a hot drink before you are deployed.

I will give you a map of the course with your position thereon. You will also get an emergency contact sheet and signs (in some cases) to take onto the course. Please bring it back if you do.

Thank you and see you on Sunday.


Re: XC - Marshals (please read if you have volunteered)
Re: XC - Marshals (please read if you have volunteered)

I am afraid I have a cold, and marshalling tomorrow isn’t a great idea - however, James K will do my spots (he has a cold too but not as bad, just enough that he shouldn’t be running)!