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Press Report Week Ending 15th December

Give me all the glorious detail. Tears, blood and mud. Photos can be sent to

Re: Press Report Week Ending 15th December

Sunday 15th December
Winterserie 1 S.V. DE LAT 10k Race Walk, Amsterdam

Starting from the AV23 Track in East Amsterdam this race was 4 laps around flat cycle paths on the site of the original Ajax football stadium.
In my first race as a V55 I was lucky to have the close company of local walker Paul Jansen which helped to pull me around.

1st 47:40 PB


Re: Press Report Week Ending 15th December
Re: Press Report Week Ending 15th December

On Saturday I completed the Silkstone Shuffle Series

4.5M multi- terrain race. It’s the same course ran in each season and your aggregate time is your series time. It’s 2M up hill followed by 2.5M down hill but over farmers fields separated by woods and stiles.

On the day I finished 1st! Meaning that I finished 4th in the series, but won the first senior man outside of the top 3.

It was a surprise to be leading as we belted out and I settled in 4th. I’d even given up on top 3 at this point. But when the real part of the hill started, I slowly moved from 4th up towards the guys, and then decided to push the pace and lead. I ended up leading still at the top of the hill, and from here I knew I had to go for the victory - so I pushed on!

It was so slippy and wet, windy and a bit of snow at the end - it was so much hard work. Stiles and wooden bridges to cross in the wet. This was my 19th event and this is the worst I’ve seen the course. I also ended up with a bunch of cuts on my legs and arms from brambles.

I got my head down and pushed on, All I could hear was the jingle bells attached to by vest, I couldn’t hear any other footsteps, but dare not look back. However towards the end, after a few little looks over my shoulder I realised nobody was with me.

I was absolutely delighted to win the race for only the 2nd time.especially in those conditions. The field was a little light, due to the conditions, I feel. So only the truly mad and GC contenders were on the start line. I fall into both categories, hence the win.

This years series was an eye opener for me to start running again and I have used it as a bench mark for my progress coming back.

I can’t wait for next years series to start, where hopefully I can get back to some podium finishes and an interesting general classification.

I love this race, it’s my favourite event apart from London Marathon.

Re: Press Report Week Ending 15th December

Well done on the Silkstone victory, John. And what a great report!

Re: Press Report Week Ending 15th December

I almost read that as if I was reading a novel john I was really in the moment have you thought about writing a book ! Especially the part about all you could hear was the jingle from your bells 😊