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Buntingford entries tomorrow

I see over 20 of us are in tomorrow, but looking at the entry list I see all sorts of club names being used - NHRR, North Herts RRC, North Herts Road Runners. I thought we had settled on the latter now?

Re: Buntingford entries tomorrow

Well spotted Brian.

You are correct - we should officially enter races as "North Herts Road Runners" as that is the official name of the club.

We changed the name a couple of seasons ago to North Herts Road Runners mainly because people were using this when we were (at the time) officially recognised as North Herts RRC, and lost out on club trophies at some races because we all used different versions of the club name. It was decided at the AGM that year to make the change....

So, In brief, we are North Herts Road Runners, and not North Herts RRC, NHRR or any other combination you can think of.

I'm sure our Secretary can confirm this.....let's hope we don't lose out on a club trophy because of this tomorrow!

Re: Buntingford entries tomorrow

Apologies, new boy error

Re: Buntingford entries tomorrow

yes, we are North Herts Road Runners.

A lot of the club naming depends on the entry system being used, some online entry systems force a certain name, others are a bit more free form!

(we always check and clean up the data before Standalone but not sure how many other races do that!)