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Training Tues 7th, Thurs 9th & Sat 11th Jan

The club schedule for Jan - Feb focuses on 10km and 5km work with the opportunity on Thursdays for those of you training for half marathons or marathons to include some tempo, HM or M pace miles or kms:)

If you raced at the weekend do recover adequately before stressing your body with faster work.
It is likely that you need 72 hours to recover from a race.

Tuesday's training for purple group is 800m - 1200m warm up, a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2/ mins with 60s recovery and 800m - 1200m warm down. Green group are on the Broadway/Spring Road loop for 6-10 x 1000m at 10km-marathon pace with 90s active recovery (walk round). Blue group session is 6 x 1M at 10km - HM pace with 90s recovery around South View/Norton Way.

Thursday's session for blues and green is either a 20-30min tempo, which will not be coached, or 12 - 16 x 400m at 5km pace with recovery time appropriate to speed of runner (75s - 2mins). Purples are welcome to join the 400s or enjoy a 30 - 60 mins continuous run to build their aerobic engine:)

Brian will post yellow group sessions.

Track on Saturday will be mobility and drills as we hope everyone will support the club and our awesome XC rep and race Dunstable on Sunday 12th, the final race in the 3 Counties XC League and the 1st race in the 2020 Run of the Month competition.

Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 7th, Thurs 9th & Sat 11th Jan

Lets hope for another great year.

Runnalow 0.5M loops x 6 @ 2mins

Fartlek - 10 x 2 mins with 2 mins easier running to loop back and regroup