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Press Report Week Ending Sunday 12th Jan

Good luck to everyone at the Cross Country today. Let's bring home the silverware!

Please post all your race results with the usual details of full name, race name, distance, time and quotes by 7pm and send any photos through to me at

Thank you!


Re: Press Report Week Ending Sunday 12th Jan

Big muddy sludge-fest today at the very first Letchworth Ultra (Run the Sun in Weston) for Mike Bullock and Susan Mansfield
Basically run as far as you can in daylight hours (8 hours) on a 5 km lapped off-road (hilly-Ish) course
The day started with foolish ambitions of a double marathon distance for our first ultra of the decade , but this lasted about 2 minutes until we arrived at the first bog-of-doom...then the second, then the third .....there’s a horrible pattern here 🤣
As the day progressed, more and more runners disappeared down muddy holes, so by lunchtime half of the field had retired injured or petrified or ran home scared
Being Northerners (me) or Pirates (Susan) we soldiered on to the end , and ended up tired but happy
I came 4th (57km in 7hrs 45) and Susan came in 6th (57km in 8hrs 6 minutes)
Most importantly though.....I beat the other (imposter) Spiderman in the race, so I’m rewarding us with a chippy-tea

Re: Press Report Week Ending Sunday 12th Jan