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Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Here are the provisional results from today. The age category results have some issues, so were not given out in full today.

41 squirrels ran today, so many thanks to all.

Thank you to everybody that turned out, not only today, but throughout the season, we had a great turnout from runners and supporters. :pray:

Many thanks to Linda and Jo for taking scores today. :pray:

Well done to anybody that ran their first cross country this season. :+1:

The course today was super muddy, and was really tough. Well done to all that worked their way through this. The mud made the already challenging hills even worse! I think i was just jogging on the spot a few times. :tired_face:

The team results on the day were as it turned out in the league overall. So theres a nice symmetry there.

:couple: We had another combined team victory. We won every race. We have the best team. We have won this 3 years running now. Everybody should be super proud of this. We have actually only not won one race in the combined in the last 3 years. :trophy:

:dancer: The ladies race was super close! It could hardly be closer... today the ladies edged it by 2 points to a joint second place. Wellingborough and Biggleswade were both 2 points behind us. This meant that NHRR ladies were level on points with Wellingborough in the league, which brings is down to overall score difference of all 5 races. We won this by a single point! This is down to everyones efforts. Even if you do not score for us, you can add to other teams scores, and the ladies won the league by a single scoring position. Amazing result, well done ladies. :trophy:

:runner: The men were second today, we had a great team out, and we got a good score. On previous seasons, it would have been a winning score. But this year the men of Ampthill and NHRR have both pushed down what a winning score is. Ampthill got the lowest ever score under the current 8-man scoring system and so they beat us. We were 2nd again in the league, but we were much closer than last year. We should all be pleased with this performance today and throughout the season. :sports_medal:

The individual league placings will follow, they are looking at them now. So hopefully will hear something soon.

We had another fantastic season. Thanks to all who participated. We all earnd what we brought home today.
:trophy: :trophy: :sports_medal:

Regarding the individual overall league placings, the league Admin have confirmed that the open categories are correct. This means that Katie is the ladies champion and Ed was runner up. I am still waiting for the age category results, but am expecting more gold...

I will post individual runners in a little while...


Ladies :dancer:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Wellingborough
3. Biggleswade


1. Ampthill
2. NHRR :raised_hands:
3. Wellingborough

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingborough

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Thankyou all so much for welcoming me to the club this season I’ve absolutely loved doing XC with you all and today was a great race I really liked the friendly support. see you all soon x

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

A baptism of fire for my first ever XC race!
Thanks so much to all who turned up to support in the chilling wind.
I am so proud to have been part of the NHRR team= every little helps.

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Well done everyone. I've lots of photos from this morning and would be grateful if someone could explain how I can load them to the Flickr page. It was lovely watching you all. Hopefully I've captured your mud spattered race to the finish!

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

That was horrible, sloshing around on the flat... And while thankfully the climbs were mostly firmer they were still hard work!

Well done to the teams!

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Wow!!! Well done all of you 🙌🏆

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Thanks to our fantastic XC Rep, John, for making this all happen so smoothly.

From dishing out numbers at club nights, to giving encouragement to everyone before, during and after the races. Nothing has been too much trouble for him and his hard work behind the scenes made our job of running so much easier!

Thanks John!

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part and delivered fantastic results. It's been an honour cheering you on! Today looked spectacularly muddy and it was brutally cold when the wind took hold, so it was great to see so many squirrels crossing the line. Well done everyone 👏👏👏

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

What a brilliant result. Well done everyon!!!🏅
I am so grateful to have had the oportunity to run for such a wonderful club in my debut XC season.
I really thought I'd hate it, with all the mud, wind 🌬, rain 🌧 and cold ❄, not to mention the hills!⛰ But I must admit that it has been quite a special experience.
Thanks John for organising 👌

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable


Am about to go out but will be back at 6.30 and will explain the Flickr process. Best if we speak on the phone. Will email you my number.


Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Thank you John for organising us and upping the cross country profile in the club - I have been impressed by your enthusiasm and face painting! It was hard today but I weirdly loved it. Jo and Linda always give such a great welcome at the finish, thank you all and well done everyone! X

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

I echo Marks conments, we are lucky to have a XC rep who is highly motivated and totally team focussed. He is a role model in inclusive ‘captainship’ encouraging everybody to run, no matter how fast. Thank you John!

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Full individual results are in here

We got...

Katie Harbon, ladies open champion :trophy:
Ed Price, 2nd in the Open Male :sports_medal:
Oli Brady, 1st male U20 :trophy:
Stewart Overton, 1st male V35 :trophy:
John Auld, 2nd male V35 :sports_medal:
Wayne Bell, 2nd male V40 :sports_medal:
Mark Vaughan, 1st male V45 :trophy:
Paula Adams, 1st Ladies V50 :trophy:
Pete Sibbett, 3rd male V55 :sports_medal:
Carina Quale, 2nd ladies V60 :sports_medal:

Well done everybody!

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Just an awesome effort from everyone today - and at all the xc races this season. It's been fantastic cheering you all on and watching you cross the finish line, even if I couldn't run with you this year - I have loved being a supporter almost as much as I love running xc!

Well done each and every one of you - and massive congratulations on making us xc league champions again this year :trophy:

And John - you are a flippin' legend!! :muscle:

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

List of Super Squirrel Runners

3. James Fox
8. Wayne Bell
11. Ed Price
12. Stewart Overton
13. Jim McConnell
17. Nathan Pask
19. Mark Vaughan
21. Matt Sayers
24. Steve Mckeown
25. Oli Brady
31. Vince Wright
32. John Auld
34. John O'Groman
36. Rob Harris
53. Katie Harbon
68. James Keogh
79. Ian Datlen
84. Dave Weston
104. Astrid Mckeown
143. Paula Adams
154. Ian Harvey
160. Edwin Smith
162. Rhia Botha
193. Steve Brenton
213. Caroline Thrussell
223. Matt Roberts
227. Lucy O'Connor
229. Kat Gourd
236. Jo Harbon
241. Richard Webber
242. Adam Wilson
250. Jo Summers
289. Sue Vaughan
306. Caroline Bernard
310. Geoff Murray-Rochard
312. Andrew Porter
314. Lorna Chambers
316. Carina Quayle
318. Brian Bailey
319. Alison Blunt
358. Brina Judkins

Thanks again to all runners today and throughout the reason.

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Just ran the stats through the program I wrote...

We had 65 individuals run this year. I really appreciate everyone of you! So Thank you! :pray:

17 ran a single race
15 ran two races
15 ran three races
8 ran four races, so received a general classification ranking along with...
10 super stars ran every race.

So, just want to give a special mention to the following for completing all 5 races.
Vince Wright
Paula Adams
Lucy O'Connor
John Auld
Wayne Bell
Ian Datlen
Oliver Brady
Mark Vaughan
Katie Harbon
Ed Price

Also, there's only 3 people in the whole league that have ran every race in the last 6 years now.
Jon Kemp from Wellingborough, Richard Lack from Wootton and myself.

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Just wanted to add, I've just packed my gym back for tomorrow. And I've put out some NHRR kit our to wear with pride. There's a few lads down there I talk to - they'll definitely ask and I can't wait to tell them about the clubs XC achievements this year.


Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Great running, everyone, throughout this XC season! It's a pleasure to echo the thanks for John's inspirational work as our XC supremo.

What struck me today as a spectator was how much our runners were just enjoying the whole thing - loads of cheery faces even in the last mile.

Lindsey Lucas and I captured your smiling faces on camera and there are albums of our photos on the Club's Flickr gallery - link from the homepage of the Club website or:

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Loved it. Yes, really! I do remember it being a lot muddier one year though...

Re: Three Counties XC results for Dunstable

Well done everyone, what an amazing team
And well done John for your never fading enthusiasm