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Feedback for Cross Country League

I have a meeting with the three countries cross country league at the start of February. :spiral_calendar_pad:

Please can you let me have any feedback that you may have for the league or for myself.

I would be very interested to know what you liked or didn’t like, or any suggestions you may have.

You can either post here :keyboard: or email the address :e-mail: or see me in person. :speaking_head_in_silhouette:

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

I only did 3 of 5, but really enjoyed it (about 15 mins after each race finished).

Only issue is that the non-home courses are a bit of a haul for a Sunday morning.

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

Thoroughly enjoyed it John, just a little moan - the last race is always a great one to stay longer and listen to results etc but it was all outside and pretty cold. Perhaps the last race should be where there is a room/gym to stay in. Otherwise loved the mud!! X

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

I'd agree that some i was put off by due to distance

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

Many people are put off by the long haul to run around in the mud. I think the league should bite the bullet and split into North & South, maybe with an end of season North v South top 3 run-off. I believe the league have turned away clubs wanting to join because the numbers would be overwhelming. if there was a split some other clubs could join and in any case numbers would probably hold up because the travelling would be reduced.

Yes, the outside presentation of multiple trophies/awards at the last race was not at all runner friendly - needs some thought.

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

Only did the last one and LOVED it! My reason for non-attendance is, like most people, distance. I have a rule that I mustn't spend longer in the car than I spend running. Even Dunstable broke that rule and I didn't exactly whizz round! An alternative to a North/South divide could be longer races... :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League


I'm happy to travel the distance to these races as I know how hard it is to find decent XC venues with the requisite parking and facilities. I agree with Jo that the last race should have an indoor area available, and I'm sure we have been in the bar at Dunstable before. I was a bit disappointed with the spread of food at Dunstable also, and felt they could have made more of an effort. Their presentation at the end also was a bit shambolic, meaning no trophies were given out, so quite disappointing

Other than that, everything else was great!

Re: Feedback for Cross Country League

I have loved supporting at this year's xc races, even though I would have preferred to be running. I thought all the races were well organised and the venues are pretty good, although I know that some of them are a bit of a trek to get to. However, with car sharing no-one should have to drive to more than one or two events - if we coordinate ourselves and take turns, which I think we did very well this year.

I would echo some of the comments about the last race, however - I'm pretty sure we have usually been inside for the presentations, at least, but that may have been something out of the club's control this year. Hopefully next year they may be able to sort that out a bit better. Just a small gripe about the food at the Dunstable race - there was very little choice by the time we got there at the end, and nothing for vegans or those who have to avoid dairy (cheese or ham rolls, and slices of swiss roll) although I think they did have some gluten-free options. It doesn't compare well with the excellent provision made at the Wootton race or at our own race. I don't know if there was more food available earlier on, but I do think they could have made a little bit more effort. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, however :slightly_smiling_face: