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Training Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January

Looking forward to a dry week of running after last week's downpours. Well done to everyone who was out there training on Tuesday and/or Thursday evening:)

Blue group session on Tuesday is 1 x 3M [HM - M](2mins) and 3 x 1M [10km - HM pace] (90s) from Willian Way traffic lights. Green group have a fartlek of 5/4/3/2/3/4/5 mins with half rep easier running float between each effort and purples will be enjoying a 45-60 minute continuous run.

On Thursday for everyone there is the choice of a fartlek of 10 x 2mins with 1 min float between each effort, a 25 - 40 min tempo run (this could be split in to 3 x 10 mins with 2 min float between) or 4 - 6 x 600m and 4 - 6 x 300m with 2 mins and 90s or 90s and 60s recovery depending on the speed of the athlete. Karen will be coaching the 600s and 300s. If you would like to run the tempo please post below as for the last 2 weeks only 1 person has turned up for this session so it would be nice to know if you are going to have any company.

Brian will post yellow group sessions.

Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January

Tuesday - Fartlek - 7 x 3 mins with 2 mins easier running to loop back and regroup;

Thursday - 6 x Wheat Hill reps with 2 mins recovery.

Weather looks a lot better this week :smiley:

Re: Training Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January

Hi Karen,

Can you please explain what you mean by a tempo run? I'm not sure so I never chose that option!!!

Thanks :grinning:

Re: Training Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January

Hi Karen, where is green group training tonight? Thanks

Re: Training Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd January

Hi Michelle, tempo running is where you are running at a pace where you can clear the lactate that is produced as a result of the energy production process going on in your body. Over time this improves your lactate threshold which basically means you can run faster for the same effort:). Weather conditions(Heat, wind,), fatigue and terrain can all affect your tempo pace so rather than having a fixed idea of how fast you should be running it is useful to run so that you can say a few words but not hold a conversation. If you could only answer yes or no then you are working too hard, it should be comfortably hard for at least 20 mins. Generally tempo runs could be up to 40 mins for experienced runners. My tempo pace on a flat course is about 15s per mile slower than my 10km race pace but this will be different for each individual. Jack Daniels suggests 20s - 30s slower per mile than 10km race pace. Hope this helps.