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Buff Winter trail marathon Wales

4 runners and a giant chocolate squirrel took the annual pilgrimage to the Buff Trail Marathon Wales - half marathon. An event NHRR have been represented at for the last 6 years I.e. since its inception.

It was sooooo cold but the most stunningly beautiful winters day when we headed down to the familiar start line wrapped up in all the clothes we owned.

Adam Wilson went up off the hill and wasnt seen again until it was time for the finish line mug of hot vegetable soup - yum. His time was 2.35.21 which is fabulous. He was also the NHRR King of the Sting (a very steep uphill section) having finished in 8.57. A record that will be hotly contested next spring by his fellow NHRR but the winning King of the Sting is not quaking in his running shoes yet... he finished in a unbelievable 4.30 😮

Paul Bowal and Andy Grudzinski were the next squirrels in having run much of the race together. This was unusual for Paul who has a reputation for finding young females to run with. That may explain why Andy beat him to the finish in a time of 2.47.29. Paul's no-female to chase time was 2.47.37.

My achillies and I currently hate each other. They give me pain and I hate them for it. In the spirit of compromise we agreed strict walk up run the flat and downs strategy (well, I'm hoping by compromising now they will be happier by Paris). So we stumbled in at at time of 3.08.43. However, I'm proud of their performance at the Sting in the tail in a time of 9.37. So, I have declared myself the NHRR Queen of the Tail and plan to give the guys a run for their money in next years race to the top 😂

In the meantime the squirrel remains intact ready to be consumed another day 🐿

Lots of hugs to Ashley who came t support us in the freezing cold 🥶

Re: Buff Winter trail marathon Wales

I'm hooked on these races plus a weekend in Wales.
Adam was our star runner.