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Santa Canta 2019 - medals

Dear All,

My apologies for the delay.

Some of you very generously gave up your medals for others at the Santa Canta. We now have some replacements. So if you ran the SC last December and didn't get a medal for your collection, they will be at the club on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Thank you.


Re: Santa Canta 2019 - medals

Oh lovely! Thank you. I am not sure I can make it to the club this week but I would love one. Would it be possible for someone to pick one for me please?
Many thanks in advance!

Re: Santa Canta 2019 - medals

Course it would :)

Re: Santa Canta 2019 - medals

Hi Dickie I cant make to the club this week is it possible to collect 2 Medals next Tues or FSOM for my friends - Debbie Donavon and Kate Robinson. They did the Santa Canta.