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Herts County races

Here is an update on the Herts County Races for this year.

Watford 1/2 Marathon 2 Feb open
Hillingdon 20ml 8 Mar open
Pednor 5ml 4 May Vets
Welwyn 10k 28 June open
Fairlands Valley relays 23 July senior/vets

Other confirmed dates to follow


Re: Herts County races

An update for the Herts County races.
The Pednor 5ml is now on 25 May and not 4 May due to Bank Holiday changes


Re: Herts County races

Thanks Ian - I did wonder about Pednor 5 due to the change in bank holiday date. Unfortunately I'm away at the end of May so can't do it anyway!

For anyone who hasn't done this one before, it is a really nice race around lovely quiet rural roads, with some 'challenging' hills for anyone who likes that sort of thing!