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Virtual FSOM 5k

Dear all
We are going hosting the absolutely stupendous virtual FSOM 5k again in May.

Date Saturday May 2nd

Any time of the day or night.

Post your results on the forum post that Brian will create again.

Oh and it’s still free but you won’t need your bar code. Wear it if you want to though.


Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

I'll be 'virtually' there to marshal your times into results.

It would be really fantastic to beat the 100 entries this week.

You can all do it - so run a 5K on Saturday the 4th and post your times on the

FSOM Times thread on Saturday, please.

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

This is also Run of the Month so it would be good to see a scury of squirrels participating! :+1:

Weather report looks good :sunny:

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

Wahoo! It’s Friday May 1st! This means that we are one day away from the Best Saturday of the Month! And it’s Run of the Month too!

It’s the First Saturday of the Month Virtual 5km tomorrow :grinning:

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

I'll assume that the "all welcome" invitation is still in place and post on our FB page once again. I may have missed Dickie's email this month.

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

FSOM is open to ANYONE and it's also Run of the Month for NHRR members

Please run on Saturday 2nd May & post your time on the FSOM Times thread.

Hope you have a good run.

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

I will be virtually standing at the top of the hill again, virtually ringing the virtual bells.......

Visualise this as you run and I guarantee you this will give you REAL encouragement and make you run faster!

Stay safe and enjoy...

Re: Virtual FSOM 5k

Doing the run was the easy bit. I have no idea how to record my time.