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Squirrel of the month - April 2020

Hello hello,

If you have not already seen the announcement of the official WhatsApp,

Congratulations to our 3, yes 3! winners of the SoTM April

Sue Foot: for her very positive attitude right from the start of the lock down, reminding us of the fantastic country side we have at our leisure. You might have found your new favourite route due to Covid? Plus for initiating a short run league open to all club members. If you want to take part, there is more info on the forum

Karen Dodsworth: for organising bi-weekly online strength and conditioning sessions, and a bi weekly Saturday night quiz. Both great fun and a nice opportunity to see the faces (and other body part during the S&C) of your fellow runners. If you want to take part, there is more info on the forum

Linsey Ashley: for keeping us entertained every day with the most delightful dance moves to join in, or just watch (42 days and counting)

Its not surprising that NHRR members make the best out of the current situation
Keep safe and Keep them going!

Re: Squirrel of the month - April 2020

Great choices and well deserved.