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Thanks from the Hospice

Following the success of our Web-a-thon, so ably led by Phil and supported by many NHRR members, we have received a lovely message of thanks from Sue Plummer, CEO of Garden House Hospice:

‘As a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic demand for our care has increased. However, we are unable to fundraise in the ways we usually do, with our usual fundraising activities cancelled or postponed and our shops closed. We are forecasting a loss of £25,000 a week – that’s £1.3 million this year.

‘We are so grateful to our very loyal supporters, and without groups like North Herts Road Runners getting behind us our future faces a serious threat. The club did a fantastic job raising over £3200 in the Web-a-thon. We would like to thank everyone involved for supporting the hospice and helping ensure we can continue to provide palliative and end of life care to our community.’

Re: Thanks from the Hospice

Hopefully we might get a mention in the Comet as it will show that we are supporting local charities.
All we seem to see is what Stevenage clubs are doing. We are not invisible are we.


Re: Thanks from the Hospice

On a related note, the Hospice just came and picked up a load of stuff we have tidied up and cleared put over the last few weeks, might be worth doing if you have done the same:

Re: Thanks from the Hospice

Dear All,

Reference the last message from Lindsay. Don't just yet. We have been inundated our the warehouse is full. We are still collecting all those who have booked in already but no more, yet.

Thank you to everyone who has donated already.


Re: Thanks from the Hospice

I am it was a popular service and even more pleased I managed to get my stuff picked up :-)

Re: Thanks from the Hospice

I am it was a popular service and even more pleased I managed to get my stuff picked up :-)
Over the years we have had a strong connection to the garden city hospice. From the early days of standalone 10k . When it was known as the Novetek 10k. A local company was the sponsor and all monies raised went to the hospice.
The relationship between us and the hospice had been strong. Older members will confirm about £ 2000 went to hospice in the early years of standalone.
The one question which we can only guess at is how much the club has raised for the hospice over 30 plus years . I would say over £ 50,000 through races and individual sponsorship. Could be a lot higher. Perhaps £ 70,000 plus.
So well done to all road runners past and present for support a worth local charity and long may it continue.
North Herts Road Runners and Garden City Hospice hand in hand . Working for the local hospice